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Send email again with Gmail

Most email clients have a feature to Send Again, Edit as New, or Resend an already sent email. Gmail does not have that feature, but this article will show you how to do it.

Like many people, I sometimes want to create a new piece of email based on an email I have previously sent. Why? Sometimes I just want to send new email to the same people without having to recreate the recipient list. Or, sometimes there’s content in the first email that I just want to tweak a little before sending again to the same people. Or, I might want to send the original email to different recipients.

There are lots of reasons why people want to re-send already sent email, and most email clients make this very easy with a menu action that says something like “Edit as new”, or “Resend”.

Sadly, there is no action like this available in Gmail. To me, the lack of this feature is hard to understand and a real shortcoming in a great client. But I discovered a way to “Edit as new” in Gmail. It takes more than one mouse click, but it can be done quickly and easily enough to be a valuable technique.

Here’s how you do it.

Find the email you want to re-send. Select Reply or Reply-to-all

Visit your sent folder and find the email you want to resend.

Find the “Reply” or “Reply to all” item and click it.  That’s right – to send the email again to the same recipients, you actually reply to your own email.It’s counter-intuitive but it works.

These items are located under a little curved arrow or drop-down menu button down the right-hand side of the email.

If there was only one recipient, you’ll only have the Reply item. If there were several recipients recipients, the Reply and Reply-to-all  will be available, so choose Reply to just send to the original

Now you have a piece of email to work on and it just needs a few steps to make it ready to send.

Edit the body

Delete the intro line that Gmail added saying when you wrote the original.

Then select all (with the mouse or Command-A) and use the outdent button (or Command-[ ) to remove the quoting and make it appear as it did when you sent the first version. You might have to reset the text color to black.

Now you can edit it as new. Make any changes you want to the text, or delete the whole thing and start again.

Edit the subject

Click on the drop-down arrow and select Edit Subject. This will pop-out the reply and allow you to remove the Re: that got put at the front. If you want to make other changes to the subject, now’s your chance.

Edit the recipient list if needed

Also now is the time to update your recipient list if you want to make any changes from the original list.

Send it

Now just click send, and off it goes. You just did “Edit as new” in Gmail and it wasn’t too bad at all. Managing your Gmail just got a little easier.