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Most email clients have a feature to Send Again, Edit as New, or Resend an already sent email. Gmail does not have that feature, but this article will show you how to do it.

Like many people, I sometimes want to create a new piece of email based on an email I have previously sent. Why? Sometimes I just want to send new email to the same people without having to recreate the recipient list. Or, sometimes there’s content in the first email that I just want to tweak a little before sending again to the same people. Or, I might want to send the original email to different recipients.

There are lots of reasons why people want to re-send already sent email, and most email clients make this very easy with a menu action that says something like “Edit as new”, or “Resend”.

Sadly, there is no action like this available in Gmail. To me, the lack of this feature is hard to understand and a real shortcoming in a great client. But I discovered a way to “Edit as new” in Gmail. It takes more than one mouse click, but it can be done quickly and easily enough to be a valuable technique.

Here’s how you do it.

Find the email you want to re-send. Select Reply or Reply-to-all

Visit your sent folder and find the email you want to resend.

Find the “Reply” or “Reply to all” item and click it.  That’s right – to send the email again to the same recipients, you actually reply to your own email.It’s counter-intuitive but it works.

These items are located under a little curved arrow or drop-down menu button down the right-hand side of the email.

If there was only one recipient, you’ll only have the Reply item. If there were several recipients recipients, the Reply and Reply-to-all  will be available, so choose Reply to just send to the original

Now you have a piece of email to work on and it just needs a few steps to make it ready to send.

Edit the body

Delete the intro line that Gmail added saying when you wrote the original.

Then select all (with the mouse or Command-A) and use the outdent button (or Command-[ ) to remove the quoting and make it appear as it did when you sent the first version. You might have to reset the text color to black.

Now you can edit it as new. Make any changes you want to the text, or delete the whole thing and start again.

Edit the subject

Click on the drop-down arrow and select Edit Subject. This will pop-out the reply and allow you to remove the Re: that got put at the front. If you want to make other changes to the subject, now’s your chance.

Edit the recipient list if needed

Also now is the time to update your recipient list if you want to make any changes from the original list.

Send it

Now just click send, and off it goes. You just did “Edit as new” in Gmail and it wasn’t too bad at all. Managing your Gmail just got a little easier.


29 thoughts on “Send email again with Gmail”

  1. That only works if the original email was sent to more than one person. If there was only one recipient, then Reply All won’t appear. Booo!

  2. This is not quite an “Edit as New”. It will resend to recipients but not to BCC and, if there are no recipients but only BCC, there is not even a “Resend To All” option on the menu.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to document this. Still strange to me that Google doesn’t provide a resend feature.

    Take care, Ben

  4. Thanks Mike, that was a big help.
    Just one step to add: if you have automatic signatures turned on, you’ll have an extra copy in the body now.

    One other thing to watch out for: some clients use reference numbers from the headers to collect emails into threads. If you use this trick to send a whole new topic to an old list of recipients, those who were not interested in the original topic might ignore the new message, thinking it part of the old thread. I’ve overlooked emails that were sent that way.

  5. The problem is that long attachments added in the first mail have to be added again.
    Silly why google doesn’t have an Edit as new feature

    1. You wrote: The problem is that long attachments added in the first mail have to be added again
      AND YES this is the big problem with Gmail. I resend emails that might have 3 or 4 attachments and I have to click and drag these every time.
      Outlook—Resend is 1 click and it is resent
      Thunderbird-Edit as new is a few clicks and not as good, but still OK
      GMAIL- Reply to all end then slowly drag all these attachments means that it is 20 times slower. GMAIL needs to fix this since it really slows down on following up on sent emails.

  6. If you reply to a previous message instead of using a previous message as a template for a new message, then I expect that the message that began as a reply will be sent with headers such as In-Reply-To: and References: that mark the message as part of an existing thread. In this case, the workaround suggested on this page is naive and is not a substitute for an “Edit as new (message)” command.

    Anyway, my usual use case for the “Edit as new (message)” command in Mozilla Thunderbird is to send a standard message with standard attached files to a customer and to other persons within my company after each delivery (shipment) of product (tangible goods) to the customer. This process is much more efficient with an “Edit as new (message)” command that can be applied to the last such message sent to a given customer.

  7. Unfortunately, unindenting quoted text also removes any formatted lists you had in there. It is better to use Forward as this doesn’t quote the original.

  8. Please fix this Google, or it’s going to be a problem, can you imagine trying to send an email while you’re missing a couple of keys…😇

  9. Thanks much for your solution… it bailed me out in the process of harassing politicians. (Sometimes you need to send the same email individually to multiple legislative cockroaches, as you can well imagine – that way, they can’t just dump it as “junk mail” since it *might* come from one of their abused and tormented constituents).

    I suspect, though, that this is *exactly* why Gloogle doesn’t *want* to add an “Edit as new” feature. They probably want to *force* everyone to use a “distribution list” (which as I said, a politician’s “office help” will immediately trash).

  10. How do gmail users revise an email that was sent as a draft to get feedback? After receiving the feedback, the user/author needs to edit the original message with the new text and the revised email to the recipient list. But I was not able to enter the feedback into the original email. BIG ISSUE! I had to copy and paste the email into a new email and put the revisions in that email.

  11. you can instead use FORWARD button and then add same recipients, this way if any attachments are there, they will remain. Hope this is helpful.

  12. I have an easier way to re-send a gmail…. email

    1. Find the email that you want to re-send
    2. with your mouse, left click and hold it down. Highlighting the text you want.
    3. Right click and copy.
    4 Left click reply at the bottom of the mail you just copied.
    5. In the email body area, left click move pointer down to paste, left click paste and hit send.
    There you go easy and fast. Hope this helps

  13. Hey Mike,
    That’s a wonderful tip you gave on this article.

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